Inside Biometrics Obtains CE Mark for Ground Breaking Diabetes Blood Glucose Meter

Leading self-tracking medical devices company, Inside Biometrics, announced its new blood glucose meter, KEYA® Smart, has obtained the CE mark for commercial access to the European market.   


The KEYA® meter allows people with diabetes to monitor their blood glucose levels as part of regular testing for diabetes self-management. KEYA® is the first meter, however, that also monitors blood ketones as part of every glucose test and provides warnings if levels exceed clinically relevant limits.   


Ketones are chemicals that form in blood when patients do not have enough insulin in their body because of missed or incorrect dosing or during times of illness.  If ketone levels continue to rise, the patient is at risk of developing an acute condition known as diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) which requires immediate hospitalisation. 


DKA is the number one reason for mortality in diabetic children yet it also presents a risk to any type 1 patient.  Its economic impact in the USA amounts to some $2 billion per annum.  Currently patients rely on meters that accept test strips that measure separately for glucose and ketones but this requires the patient to know when a ketone test is warranted and to have a supply of ketone test strips at hand.  In contrast, the KEYA® Smart meter performs a silent ketone test during every glucose test and warns the user if ketone levels begin to rise using a simple colour coded alert.  Pressing the touchscreen displays the ketone result. In the absence of ketones KEYA® works just like a regular blood glucose meter, providing only glucose results.


Initially launched at the DUK Professional Conference the KEYA® Smart meter has met with wide-scale interest from health care practitioners, patients and healthcare trusts.  


The KEYA® Smart is the only blood glucose meter available today that automatically and discretely checks for ketones during routine testing and only warns patients when they need to know.


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