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Inside Biometrics International is at the forefront of diabetes patient self-monitoring.  With a team that are amongst the industry pioneers and a wealth of experience of working closely with clinicians and patients worldwide, our product innovations are set to bring forth new opportunities for people using insulin therapy and managing type 2 diabetes.  

Self-monitoring of blood glucose is highly effective for the management of Type 1 diabetes and for Type 2 diabetes with insulin therapy.  It is firmly established in clinical studies that tight control of blood glucose levels is associated with a significant reduction in serious long-term diabetes-related complications.  In the US, recent reports estimate the total cost of diagnosed diabetes was almost a quarter of a trillion dollars1 while it has been estimated that the number of people with diabetes worldwide could exceed 500 million in the next 15-20 years.  Further details of our exciting new products for people with diabetes will be available soon.    

1American Diabetes Association. The Cost of Diabetes Web site.





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